Why Many People Prefer Bed And Breakfast Over Hotels

Every cozy town or even a metropolitan city possesses both hotels and bed and breakfast. So just like all other places Harare hotels and bed and breakfasts in Harare are quite famous. Hotels are more sophisticated as compared to bed and breakfast when it comes to lodging. The reason behind that is that even though hotels provide more services and activities as compared the bed and breakfast, they are not as relaxing as the hotels.

People that are nostalgic prefer to stay at more cozy and warm places that resemble their homes like to stay at bed and breakfast. Apart from this there are many reasons that make bed and breakfasts better than the luxury hotels in the area so let us look at some of the major reasons why some tourist prefer to stay at bed and breakfasts in small town and area.

1.      Return Value

At bed and breakfasts you get more in return then you pay as compared to the fancy hotels. In hotels you pay a bunch of money such for small sleek rooms that don’t even cater half of your needs whereas at bed and breakfast everything is provided to you within a small price.

2.      The uniqueness of rooms

Every room in a hotel looks almost the same. They follow the same design and pattern whereas the rooms in the bed and breakfast are unique and filled with interesting décor. Each room is different from the room next to it. You will see that the décor is different, the furniture is different and even the sanitary is different thus each room gives a different feel when you enter it.

3.      The rich history

Some of the bed and breakfasts around the globe are restored in ancient buildings that go back centuries. Thus the painting, the design and the architecture of the buildings that you spend your time are filled with the local history and tell you more about the people of the area.

4.      Personal attention

In hotels every service that you get is paid whereas in bed and breakfast some of the services are provided to you on the house. You feel more at home at the B&B because the staff there is friendlier and provides you with extra and personal attention that makes you feel more like at home. It is like a home filled with people from around the globe.