Changes in the professional kitchens of modern times

People get suspicious about the kitchen of restaurants, hotels, canteens, educational and work places especially in developing countries, they get the attention of the health law authorities very often. Law inspectors visit these kitchens regularly to make sure that they are providing what is safe to eat and healthy as well. Many times those which are so hygienic and are giving unhealthy food to their visitors get banned.

In the past canteen was the place where people were use to try most of their experiments about new things. New technologies were used in the kitchen of castles in old times. In early 19th century, the energy saving stove was made by Benjamin Thompson. This stove was able to heat a number of pots at one time. It was designed for large kitchens. After 30 years of the invention of this stove it started to be used in home kitchens.

Today’s kitchens have changed very much and are very different from the kitchen of old times especially in western world. They use tile on walls and floor and prefer stainless steel for their surface of their work benches as well as for doors and drawers, because stainless steel is more powerful and long lasting than any other material. This is also easy to clean and take very less time for this job to be done. Professional kitchen such as of restaurants and hotel always have gas stoves full and ready so cooks can work without delay and interruptions. Gas stoves are considered more efficient than electric stove that is another reason why they are being used in professional kitchens. There are other things that are very important for professional kitchen but not as important and needed for domestics one and these appliances are fryers, steamers, or bain-marie. All these appliance are been made to much bigger in size than those which are being used for domestic reasons. Some appliance have got place in domestic kitchen as well such as oven and pressure cookers but their use is still for selective items.

The trend of fast food and other easy to cook food has also change the way kitchen are working or used to work in the past. Some restaurants do not even prepare the food on the time instead they store the required item for the day and just heat them on the time to serve, hamburgers and steaks are those foods and for amusement these are famous food of most people know days.

This ready to serve food has helped so much in the kitchens of railways dining cars that they get it and just heat it before giving to the customers, in the past it was rather difficult to prepare fresh food on time for so many people at one time. Same is the matter with ships and aircraft’s.